2011 Irlak

IRLAK 2011


The concept of “island” takes me to the capacity of a block to survive, to resist.
The force that sustains this piece of nature is the force that keeps that piece of
land standing.
Living in Ibiza I have experienced this island sensation, this combined with developing my
projects this year in a farmhouse, away from everything I had previously known.
as a dwelling, surrounded by neighbors, noise… has led me to join these two ideas in this
The “Irlak” project consists of 13 sculptures, each of which is identical in size and
opening to the outside. Each of the houses represents a form of expression. All the
The interior of this cubicle is hidden from us, what reaches us is what opens the door.
way through the window. Becoming different ways of understanding life,
according to the circumstances that surround each one of us.

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