Jose Pablo Arriaga ́s artistic multiplicity far surpasses the field of design and production of artistic and aesthetic furniture collections. The manifold expositions not only in museums, but beyond in solitary places in wild nature as well as in public spaces, such as pedestrian zones, parks or meaningful political and historical places all over the world serve as a prove. Yet, not only does he create artistic work out of personal experiences and motivation. Due to his open-mindedness and his enthusiasm to collaborate with engaged and visioned people from other backgrounds paired with his capacity to work with a wide variety of material, a wide range of people have approached Jose Pablo to become their collaboration partner: Celebrated poets which have mirrored his art-work with words; well-known theater groups that have enjoyed Arriaga ́s readiness to immerse himself in their vision, his willingness to become part of the process and his capacity to give shape to the shared conception; public institutions and foundations which have been facilitated to raise public awareness of burning social issues with Arriaga ́s work and finally private individuals that have requested Jose Pablo to create a profound and touching ambiance to meaningful occasions by means of his artistic design. He has been asked to create particular objects and sculptures for outstanding occasions such as trophies for sport-competitions, or awards for cultural or political leaders such as nothing less than the prize against censorship. “If people give me some insight in their thoughts and let me see their vision, it fulfills me to become part of their process to visualize, express and realize it – using my language, my style.”


Beside the wide range of fields, topics and material, which Arriaga is open for, he is very clear in what collaboration process should look like. Instead of merely producing commissioned work, he rather highly esteems actual collaboration in creative processes and with a high degree of artistic freedom. A collaboration based on a deep understanding of the vision, of the context as well as the intention and finally paired with artistic freedom to give it shape with his style. “I love to enter into a process of making concrete and giving shape to an idea or vision.” Obviously, any design will be drawn up and discussed beforehand. An exemplary selection of some projects realized and facilitated by the artist are exposed in the following.


Do not hesitate to contact Jose Pablo Arriaga if you have any project or concern in mind that you would like to be given shape.