I met Jose Pablo Arriaga at the Institute of Ondarroa. Even then
he was an awakened boy, he would be the most imaginative among us.
After that, life took us down different paths. Even so, from time to time
when I heard from him: I learned of his early work as a
sculptor and his travels. How he crossed the Atlantic in a small
sailboat, of how his ship ended up sinking.
The sculptor’s work, as well as the writer’s, is a solitary work. It is necessary to cross the Atlantic alone, without a doubt, has
to be like this. But from time to time we make port and we share
our experiences with other lone seafarers. And we talk about
our travels, and our plans for the future.
That’s how Jose Pablo and I met and talked about his
new project in his workshop in Markina. He showed me the paintings that
was being carried out. I have only collected his words, the comments he made to me about each of them, so that the reader can understand what drove the author to create these works.
Twelve bells to live happily, that is the title of the project. The
The exhibition will be inaugurated on New Year’s Eve 2007 in the old bell tower of Markina, when the twelve bells will ring.
Twelve bells or how to achieve happiness so that the sailing ship of
our lives will not sink.
Kirmen Uribe

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