2022 Ekis

EKIS / X [Beginning. Closing. Questioning.]

A small variation in the chromosomes can influence everything An X can change our lives.

It was this concern that gave rise to José Pablo Arriaga’s EKIS collection, which is in turn made up of several artworks inspired by recent and intense events for the author They are periods that Arriaga wishes to cross out with an X, episodes characterised by professional accidents, pandemic crises and wars.

However, an X is not just a simple cross They are two points that close the wound and prepare it for a new skin.

An X is a crossroads, the point where two opposing gazes meet The crossroads is tension The crossroads is hope.

An X will multiply whatever we choose to multiply Freeing the X is freeing the knot.

You are EKIS from the beginning. Tension and hope. Closure and mystery.

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