2019 Biok

BIOK 2019


Let’s cover our relationship with a sheet. What do you see?

The BIOK exhibition shows the nuances of living together as a couple. The irregular orography of the relations.

Two tiles are the protagonists of each painting: we are you and me, this thing that unites us. A concrete sheet covers the tiles, and filters all the emotions of our relationship. You can read life on the soft surface of the sheet.

Twelve paintings and a sculpture make up the BIOK exhibition, and each painting represents a moment of coexistence. Some photographs transmit illusion, fun, eagerness to break with monotony; both tiles defy space, and try to seek new horizons.

Other paintings filter tenderness and sexuality: intertwined flesh, symmetrical and balanced shapes… Without forgetting trust, support and the beauty of sharing the day to day. Everything is reflected in the concrete sheets.

Of course, there are also tense moments. Mistrust has crept into our bed, and now there are three of us. We share a sheet with a new fear, a new tile that changes the folds of our world. We are moving away. One of us may decide to abandon this sheet. Or, we may pick each other up even more, curl up until we steal all the air out of this relationship, and make it explode into pieces.

There will be nothing left but a torn sheet, trying to shelter our absence.

Folding everything

Arriaga has created concrete sheets, but has polished and lightened them in such a way that they probably resemble plastic or porcelain more than concrete itself.

The folds are important to Arriaga. He has been working with the elasticity and malleability of wood for many years, and is now testing more flexible materials, such as canvas, methacrylate or concrete. These elements allow you to give more depth and definition to each fold.