2013 Arantza

Arantza 2013


Arantza Hotela embodies wellbeing and harmony. Situated in the green mountains of Navarre it is conceived as a refuge of positive energy, of healthy harmony with oneself as well as with others and surely with the overwhelming nature that surrounds it.

The believe in the wellbeing which stems from a respectful contact with nature is notable in the atmosphere of the hotel in general, right down to its minutest detail. Not only is the hotel conceptualized by the Basque artist Jose Pablo Arriaga, but the entire complex represents the artist’s work, right down to the furniture.

Every single artistic piece of furniture represents the artist’s philosophy of harmony resulting from mutual respect and finally creates an atmosphere of wellbeing. This atmosphere can not only be enjoyed during your stay at Arantza Hotela, but can be taken home. Let these pieces unfold their vibrant and harmonious ambiance in your daily life.


Best Getaway Hotel in Spain 2017 Award.

Conde Nast Traveler Award 2017.