2018 Ihes balbula

The collection “Ihes Balbula“ [Basque: Escape Valve] deals with and represents the topic of inner tension, tension and pressure of norms, demands and expectations. External conditions give rise to stress and do not even leave space to breath – neither for the
individual, nor for the society.

A steady overload of demands can only result in either physical and mental hardening or a harming explosion. – Or alternatively we find ways to release ourselves from this tension, to compensate and counterbalance. Moments, which allow us to simply be, to let go and vent, finally help us to reestablish a state of inner harmony.

A dance, a delightful night, a song, or a walk through awakening nature: these moments can have various faces.  “Ihes Balbula“ expresses this moment of liberty, of compensation, of vent. The valve that sticks in the artwork engages the observer in a dialogue. It questions, invites and reminds the observer of his/her very personal moments of liberty and ways to escape and compensate.

As paradoxical as it might seem, an artwork called “Partxea“ [Basque: Patch] is part of the collection on compensation moments. „Partxea“ represents the stuffing of cracks that have occurred by force and holes that are threatening, openings through which too much can enter and finally do harm to the interior. Therefore, “Partxea“ covers the crack like a protective coat to keep out the destroying overcharge and finally creates a safe inner space.

All art pieces of the collection “Ihes Balbula“ catch moments of the individual as well as social negotiation process of external demands and internal tensions. They represent the steady balancing act of these tensions and thereby raise the observer’s awareness of the possibility to find ways to counterbalance the aforementioned tensions, as well as the necessity to make use of them.